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This page is intended for users who would like to use this Addin for c# development. If are you interested in developing/fixing bugs for this add please use this page Developers Page.

In order to use this project, please see the requirements of this project. If you think your system satisfy the requirements then please download the binary and install it.

I will try to put up a video on how to use it. I am looking for a free software which can record my computer screen.

To use this Addin,

#place your cursor at a place where you would like to add a constructor or property (This very important as the Addin will have no idea on where to place its code). for example see below
    public class Temp1
        string variable1;
        int variabl2;
    public class Temp2 : Temp1
        string variable3;
        int variable4;
        char variable5;
        public Temp2()
        public Temp2(int variable4)
    public class Temp3 : Temp2
        Double variable6;
        Temp1 variable7;
        string temp123;
#either press ALT+CTRL+Insert (clue is Assistant(ALT) take Control(CTRL) and Insert(Insert) ) or go to tools menu and click CSharpCodeAssistant (ATL+CTRL+Insert is keybinding).
#A Windows form pops up where you have to select an option and click Next (See the image below)
#After clicking Next, you should see a different Windows form which displays the variables of the class in which you have placed your cursor and list of base classes and its constructors in a tree form (See the image below)
#once you have selected your members you can click finish and it adds a constructor/property(ies) based on your selection.

Note: The order in which you select the parameters results the order of parameters.

Note: For some reason, this Addin does not work properly in partial classes.

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